Located in Penryn, California

Durk Family Farms is a cattle and farming operation based in Penryn, CA. Our family has longstanding roots in the Granite Bay Area and are proud to manage our local herd close to our roots back in our home community.

We are a relatively young organization with our company’s establishment occurring in 2015. We have consistently grown our land and cattle operations since 2015 through acquisition of owned and leased farmland and an ever expanding cattle herd.

We have focused our herd development on consistency while seeking a balance of body and horn potential for our breeding program. We LOVE all of our animals and their unique qualities they all bring to the organization for breeding for our future herd and for breeders looking to purchase cattle out of our registered herd for their own programs.

The focus of our operation is very simple: If God would be pleased with how we take care of His animals, then we are on the right path. We take that ETHOS very seriously and apply it every day in our work with both our cattle herd and our farm ground for which we are responsible in caring for through our operation.

Enjoy our site and we hope to see you at the ranch soon!